On this page, you'll get the same content as my YouTube channel (seeing as these are all links to my YouTube channel, that would make sense no?)

I am not a good filmer-man, though I try to make some neat camera angles and stuff... also, I am not good with the edit :(

See my vids (they are in reverse chronological order, newest first)

Making the Yuccy Zope!
It's a hydro-extraction of yucca root, a natural soap :)

Now there are teeth on Baby Beastie :)

Making the teeth for baby beastie...

Just messing around on the mountain :)


Wood-Ash-Lye maker thing

A Series of videos showing my process, in that the process is a process that I go about in the process of Just. Build. The. Damn. Thing!

(In this one I discuss cleaning the gas - theory and things)

Telescope Box Build

Surveying Compass Tripod-mod. I used it to find the limits of the Mountain.

Making some neato Chisel Boxes

The Modification of THE EXTRUSER!!! (3D Printer...)

This is just because it's cool :) Made a Kalimba...

Looky what was made with garbage!! Makin' a box with splines.

Using da garbage :) Milling cedar and making a (dirty) table

Making the World...

This is my little commercial teaser thing, it shows some of what I've made (pictures on the portfolio page) and it shows some of where I make it.

Compost Tea is super food for plants, and it is Uber Natural! A little video on how to make your own Compost Tea Brewer.

It's a Genetically Modified Radioactive Dinosaur Egg! (Avocado, and how to make a little dish to sprout the seeds)

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