On this page, you'll get the same content as my YouTube channel (seeing as these are all links to my YouTube channel, that would make sense no?)

I am not a good filmer-man, though I try to make some neat camera angles and stuff... also, I am not good with the edit :(

See my vids (they are in reverse chronological order, newest first)

More Forward Motion on the Mountain!!

Increasing the Utility of my Utility Trailer!

The new teeth are done!

Making some teeth for Tractor's Backhoe

Part 2 of the "Wheeled Barrel"

Part 1; Making a "Wheeled Barrel"

I Installed the Safari Rack on Durango!

Attaching tools to the Safari Rack

I decided that Durango needs a much better Roof-Rack

A few updaty-overviewy things

To increase the utility of Durango, I'm making a crazy bumper!

Final stuff on the window for the shop....

Making a window for the shop

Getting ready for the Bee-Curious vendor event!

Making the Yuccy Zope!
It's a hydro-extraction of yucca root, a natural soap :)

More information on the Shibboleth Roubo Joiner's Bench!!

I am so excited about this one! The Shibboleth Roubo Joiner's Bench!!!! YAY!!!

Now there are teeth on Baby Beastie :)

Making the teeth for baby beastie...

Just messing around on the mountain :)


Wood-Ash-Lye maker thing

A Series of videos showing my process, in that the process is a process that I go about in the process of Just. Build. The. Damn. Thing!

(In this one I discuss cleaning the gas - theory and things)

Telescope Box Build

Surveying Compass Tripod-mod. I used it to find the limits of the Mountain.

Making some neato Chisel Boxes

The Modification of THE EXTRUSER!!! (3D Printer...)

This is just because it's cool :) Made a Kalimba...

Looky what was made with garbage!! Makin' a box with splines.

Using da garbage :) Milling cedar and making a (dirty) table

Making the World...

This is my little commercial teaser thing, it shows some of what I've made (pictures on the portfolio page) and it shows some of where I make it.

Compost Tea is super food for plants, and it is Uber Natural! A little video on how to make your own Compost Tea Brewer.

It's a Genetically Modified Radioactive Dinosaur Egg! (Avocado, and how to make a little dish to sprout the seeds)

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