The Vision of Tributary House Ltd.

   Tributary House Ltd. is an Organic Enterprise. What does that mean?


     Seriously though, it is not difficult to see that a seed needs only water, dirt, and sunshine - and it produces basically everything (except stuff that comes from the dirt itself).

     We are a company who has decided to act like a tree (hint in the logo!) in that we send out our roots, looking for good stuff to use, and we make fruity stuff. That's pretty much it!

     The kicker or the 'secret ingredient' is in our costs. As our work is a labor of love (we do it because we're alive - not just because you gotta have a job...) our "labor cost" is quite low. Trees don't charge by the hour to make apples! Also, like a tree, it's pretty clear that we can make neat stuff with just: water, sunshine, and dirt. We also use trash for our raw materials and for producing energy.

     The exhaust from our boiler is air for algae. The algae is food and fertilizer for our plants and animals. We use sunshine and wind to make clean water, and to move that water around. We use poo to make fuel, and pee to keep the algae happy! Natural systems are 100% efficient so... why not do what they do?

We. Consume. Pollution.

     We don't have to pay for fuel, electricity, water, cooling, heat, or even food. At the end of the day, most of our costs are taxes, fees, and insurance - the rest are for things we aren't set up to make yet (like brass hinges or lacquer) but we're working on that...

The Sun is good for much more than timekeeping!

     The idea seems so complicated, but nothing could be simpler - and as I grow older, it breaks my heart more and more because of how easily it can be done!

     Don't spend millions flying around the world, telling people to do what you think is best! Spend a few thousand to SHOW how doing things well can be more productive and profitable than the nasty way of ruining stuff.

     Did you know that your daily poo has enough energy to cook your daily food?

     Did you know that your daily pee has enough nutrients to grow your daily food - and clean pollution from the air?

     Did you know that your daily trash contains enough energy to power your daily energy consumption?

     Did you know that Solar-Thermal can make gasoline from trash?

     Did you know that exhaust fumes and fire-smoke can be used to grow algae - that is good for making food and fertilizer?

     Did you know that sun + glass = clean water?

     My good-hearted friends, we are gardeners here - there is room, and food, and water, and power enough for everybody - but we have so much trouble showing how it can be done. For less than one-percent the cost of one NFL game - or one of Dicaprio's airplanes - for less than Al Gore spends on his electric bill in a year, we can show you how very simple machines can Facilitate the Natural!

     We can live a much, much better life. Do you really want to live in a sterile suburb - and die in an "Assisted Living" facility?

Ten cents, five dollars, ten-thousand dollars... Share a link, buy a book or product... Tell people! Won't you help? Anything, everything helps. Tell people!

We can build it better and cheaper - we just need the resources.

Trees need love too!!

Solid science and long histories are the roots of this Organic Enterprise. We look at nature to see what we can do, and we look to ourselves to see how we can be more Genuine, Kind, and Beautiful.

Others talk (and lobby) while we try to do.

     A final note: Every suitable design for a machine we build, that goes to subsistence (food, water, shelter) will be made available to any manufacturer/contractor without license fees. We have other neat designs that we'll license (to help build neater things) but the machines that we make for helping people live will not be made more expensive than they need to be.

     We can all live a much better way - won't you help us show how this is done?

Paradise does not have to be a fantasy.

If you are inclined, the paypal link to my legitimate company financial mechanisms is at the left.

Anything helps - even just telling you friends.

Why not try something "impossible"?

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