The Tributary Tree

The Tributary Tree

This tree isn't just a tree, and it isn't dead - it's waiting!

     In The Shibboleth Method, we discuss water's movement from root to branch, and from the mountain to the sea. The tree is also a river with its delta. If water is inspiration, life, passion, and ideas, Tributary House Ltd. is just the conduit through which these things flow. Whatever might 'grow' on the branch, it is the health of the tree, or of the river, that makes those beautiful things grow. The Tributary Tree is the framework, the environment in which something beautiful might be made - this tree is waiting for whatever might grow, or it is the river's watershed giving place to whatever might be built with its sustenance. It's an Organic Enterprise - the Tree (river) is just the place it grows!!
     Each root and each branch has a name - but at the moment those are a secret! Those who support us are certainly welcome to hear the story of the tree :)

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