The Shibboleth Method

Tributary House Ltd. is pleased to announce the publication of our inaugural text: The Shibboleth Method: The Genuine Philosophy.

     What does it mean to be genuine? How does one go about pursuing his purpose, his passion, and find his peace on the path? The Shibboleth Method offers simple replies to these and other questions as it looks to the simplicity found in the 'wild' universe. The complexities of 'modern' life are unnecessary, but one needn't abandon the pleasures of technology to live simply - one can use them to further his peaceful simplicity.

     The Shibboleth Method is currently in production in a few editions; shown above is the limited edition Hard-Bound. The author binds and numbers each copy by hand using high quality tea-died 34 lb. paper parchment. The signatures are medieval bound on hemp cords, covered with fine hard-wood veneer, and finished with top-grain glove leather and antiqued bronze corners. This beautiful handmade book is intended to be read again and again, and if it is cherished, it will outlast the buyer's great grand-children.

     There is also the Ebook (for kindle) edition, a simple PDF format (direct inquiries only at the moment) and the Paperback edition! Anyone who supports us on Patreon ( will get a free PDF edition!


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying this book. It is a pleasure to hold and feel the texture of the leather, wood and parchment within. I am only a few chapters in, but it's been very thought provoking and stimulating. I really appreciate the craftsmanship and care it took to create this beautiful little book. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! That's exactly the intent behind both the content of the text and the format of the book :)

      Really happy you like it.


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