The Land!!

What's a tree without its dirt? Some kina' sad is what it is!!

Tributary House Ltd has gotten some dirt!!

This is a view facing east, near the north-west corner. The broken top tree is named Majestic, and the stones immediately to the left (not behind) is named Westfall. The foreground is Weatherway and the mound in the background is named Striketop (lots of lightning there...) 

This is the tree and rock at the top of Scrabblefall.

Mr. Snake! He stopped by to see what all the bipeds were doing - he hid under the truck, then slithered to his hole under a bush. Pretty friendly mr. Snake ~~~~~:

It begins!! It broke my heart to begin removing trees, but it is necessary to make the road. I'll do good stuff with the wood.
This is the place where the road leaves the already-road.

Here is a Google Earth rendition of my scouting trip the other day. I just got done with more Tolkien, so please forgive my enthusiasm in naming the stuff :)

Building that road is NOT going to be easy - and it's the first thing needed. If you are inclined to help... that would be awesome.

I can't show you what's in my brain yet (Sketchup won't let me put stuff on Google Earth anymore) but, God willing and the creek don't rise, this is going to be just superdiferous!!!! Sorry for the weird word, Awesome doesn't seem awesome enough.

I will continue to post the progress - and it may end up taking over the website.

OH! Soon there will be Pinion Pine wood and nuts available to buy in the store!! (guess where I get them)

So much to do... but it's the beginning of the Beautiful Life for Tributary House Ltd.

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