Some Vital Information About Us!

 Thank you so much for visiting Tributary House Ltd.! Since you're on this page, it would seem that you're interested in knowing a little about this company. When we say An Organic Enterprise, or Hand-Made, what is it that we mean? Are we just a bit loony?
     An Organic Enterprise is supposed to mean that it comes from living things - yes, there is steel, brass, and someday glass and stone - hand-made means that there is a person, a real live, lives in the United States, human being messing with the materials to make this stuff - so what we have comes from a living thing, a human! Of course, being made by a person, our stuff isn't remotely cookie cutter. Everything we make is unique in its own way :) The whole point of this company is to someday make a "commercial homestead" meaning a place where we live and make stuff (most of it for our own subsistence). From paper products and super cool books, to recycled pallet wood for use as a planter; from tools to toys; soap to candles. But that would take more than we've got at the moment, so this is the trunk of the tree...

     I guess that would mean that whatever we make is the fruit! (Or at least it's made by a fruit...) We're growing our twigs and branches as best as we can but the strongest trees grow slowly - putting roots deeply.

     If you've any questions, suggestions, ideas, comments, or maybe even a complaint (!) please feel free to drop a comment below, or email us on the left of this page. If you're feeling generous, you can support us on Patreon, watch our YouTube videos, or click the PayPal button on the left - and of course you can Buy Some of Our Goodies!

     Please understand that this is a small operation at the moment, and so we will get to your order just as soon as possible. We don't really keep a big inventory, so we usually make to order - don't worry, we've gotten pretty good at doing it so you won't have to wait too long (about a week for most orders - if it is a rush, shoot us an email!) Know that whatever you get from us is top notch, and you can brag that it was made by someone who cares.

     Thank you again for stopping by, we hope that you find something that you might like to buy, or that you enjoyed our little website. If you're interested in our guiding ideals - our own little lunatic philosophy - it's all lain out in The Shibboleth Method, available in Limited, Hand-Made Hard-Bound, Paperback, and E-book editions.

     Have a super cool day, and enjoy The Genuine Life!


          It should go without saying that we are NOT ok with GMO-Robo plants, so we don't do that! Also, hybrids might be cool, but they're missing something, so we source our seeds from reputable wholesalers here in the United States, and they are NON-GMO, Open-Pollinated, Heirloom varieties. Some of the seeds are blessed with the USDA label, but that isn't really what we're after - we focus on Natural Quality rather than regulatory labels, and as a result, our costs are lower (you would be surprised how much the government charges for that stamp!). Our suppliers are in compliance with all applicable Federal and State seed regulations. Seed quality is a funny thing meaning that your results may vary. As best as we have been able to find out, the seeds come from good stalk using respected natural methods to ensure heredity of good traits. Take care of your seeds, and your plants, and you should see happy results. If you have some trouble, by all means drop us a line.

     Some of the team at Tributary House Ltd.


     Snarles M'utt - "The Snarly Boy" is the bestest boy in the whole wide world. He is a Sheprador - of the Squirman Shepard variety. His breed hails from the ancient land of Squirmany and is known for their ferocity of munch, the terror of plush toys the world over. He enjoys scrubs, scratches, and his facon yum-yum (for which he will try to do anything).


     Snooker Tookius - "Snookahtook" is the kitty from the shed. Shy around the world, she is the fiercest inspectorcat known. She enjoys catting with The Snoot, and ruining anything that might slightly resemble string or gets in the way of her catting. She is most feared for her random and fearless Snook-attacks of a passing foot, or her favorite people who look like they need a face full of fur.


Snooter Cat - "The Snoot" is the most regal, dignified, and prettiest Cat among the Tigers. Having formerly reigned over the WalMart parking lot, she now bestows her benevolence upon the simple folk of Tributary House and all who fall within her regal dominion. Her royal pass-times include sunshine, disciplining the Snook, and being untenably sweet. She will command all to bow before her, and provide her daily tribute of Tuna - which she has decreed shall be known as "Snooter-Snack" and delivered upon the slightest meow, lest angry meows and dirty looks ensue.

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