Contributors Stop Here!

     Are you nuts about the idea? Do you want in? If you would like to make stuff with us, contribute to our raw materials, or just really want to support us, please feel free to comment below or contact to the left! Here's some of the help we need:

Web publicity folks to get this out
Research beez to fill our volumes

Bloggers, Tweeters, Pinners, Posters, Chatters, Share-ers, Taggers to viralize what we're trying to do here...

   And, of course...

Everyone to pitch a buck, purchase a packet, buy a bookmark, order an opus (that's good for book right?)
A few friendly upper class folks to become the greatest patrons of history.... (I hear Bill Gates likes books...)

Let's build something beautiful no?

If you would like, please click the button that says: "I want to help!" over to the left, and it'll take you to our Paypal donation site!

Also, check out the Patreon for our stuff, and the YouTube channel!
Tributary House's YouTube Channel!!

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