The Shibboleth Method Available on Amazon!!

     As not everyone would want to purchase a hand bound limited edition, Tributary House is pleased to offer the e-book edition of our inaugural text for only $1.99, and the paperback edition for only $8.95!

     We believe, in our own humble opinion, that this book is worth the read - which is why we've chosen it for the intense labor of hand binding - and we thought, hey, everyone might like this little book - we certainly do!
     Those who purchase the hand bound edition can also have a PDF or a link to a free kindle copy of the e-book if they like; those who purchase the paperback edition can get the e-book for only $0.99.
     The paperback edition is printed through Amazon's KDP Print-On-Demand service in a 6" x 9" trim size (it's a little over 1/4" thick). If you would like, check out the Stuff We Have For Sale to purchase a hand-made dust cover for your paperback edition.
     So! Here it is, on Amazon, for the whole world to read.... Tell your friends, buy a copy for your dad, send one to Al Gore! We hope you like it :)

The Shibboleth Method Paperback

The Shibboleth Method Ebook

     Kindle for Android App Here

     Iphoners go here for the app...

     PC Peeps can use this one....

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